Indecision Costs

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More money has been lost to indecision than was ever lost to making the wrong decision.  The economy and the housing market have caused some people to take a “wait and see” position ...   More Information...

Every Renter Should Know

The first home purchase can be the culmination of years of planning and consideration. Buyers typically look for 12 weeks and use a variety of information sources for research before purchasing. How...   More Information...

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Fifteen Will Get You Three

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Freddie Mac chief economist, Frank Nothaft, says that affordability, stability and flexibility are the three reasons homebuyers overwhelmingly choose a 30 year term.  However, for those who ...   More Information...

Make Good Offers Better

It’s disappointing, frustrating and sometimes, discouraging when you lose a home you want to buy. One of the hardest lessons for today’s buyers is that writing an offer doesn’t mean...   More Information...