Willow Trail Report Update

Willow Trail Report For 2/23/12


Well its just another great week in Willow!!!!

With warm weather again over last weekend things got Bumped Up!

You are making us work out there! We’ve got to get out the Big drags this week and log in about 400 fleet miles.  With a few temporary stops along the way.

The whole SVWT in Willow area was done this week along with most of the other trails getting 4 to 8 passes with our big groomers. Temps were in the upper 20s during the days.  There’s 4 inches of new snow on a 3ft. base.

It’s going to be a little cooler in the next day or so. We’ve seen a little overflow on some of the lakes.

Watch out for the Junior Iditarod this Sunday using a bunch of our trails.

With spring like weather out here you need to ride!

We Are Taking the Bumps So You Don’t have Too!!!!

We are trying for a Snowcat for next season help us out anyway you can.

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Willow Trail Committe

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